Whole Wheat Banana Chocolate Chip CookiesNothing beats the quality or delicious flavor of farm fresh food products. Penne’s Flour Mixes feature 100% whole wheat that is grown, cleaned and ground into flour right on their farm. This incredible freshness, combined with their high quality milling wheat and Penne’s tried and proven baking recipes turns out healthy whole grain foods that are delicious through every bite.

At Penne’s Flour Mixes, we understand consumer demand for food with the *Best Nutrition* and *Minimal Processing*. We think these healthy products need not sacrifice fabulous taste, yet meet our customers’ needs for fast, simple daily food preparation and baking. Penne’s Flour Mixes have been skillfully developed over the past 36 years into the best mouth-watering, moist, nutritious foods delighting her family, neighbors and community with their fabulous whole grain goodness.

Clinical studies have proven that consuming products made from whole grain are healthier for your body. Daily consumption of whole grain products allows your body to maintain and even lose weight while providing the necessary fiber and nutrients required to protect your body’s physical good health.

Penne’s Flour Mixes would like to share these fabulous whole grain foods with your families, friends and communities. Let us help you improve your nutrition, delight everyone’s taste buds and keep your daily schedule simple, fast and on track to a long, healthy life.


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